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On the basis of our basic technology, the patented SAE spark erosion procedure, we have been developing dental manufacturing procedures since 1982 and preparing them for production. With our SAE products, high quality dental prostheses are manufactured today worldwide in the field of combined and implant prosthodontics.

Günter Rübeling
Günter Rübeling

Pioneer of Dental Spark Erosion

Master Dental Technician (MDT) Günter Rübeling, founder of SAE DENTAL, introduced the industrial spark erosion procedure into dentistry in 1982 and in doing so "revolutionised" a whole industry. The innovative SAE spark erosion procedure makes it possible for the first time ever to produce combined dental prostheses in telescope and attachment prosthodontics from hard base metal alloys, without the need for soldering.

By changing from the expensive gold alloys to the cheaper base metal alloys, such as cobalt-chromium-molybdenum and titanium, dental laboratories can produce combined fixed and removable dental prostheses extremely economically - with great advantages in terms of fit, function and aesthetics.

Since 1995, the SAE spark erosion procedure has also been used for the passivation of implant-retained metal structures. Specifically for this use, SAE DENTAL has developed and brought onto the market the
SAE Secotec Product Programme.

Partner der Wissenschaft

Partners in Science

Together with renowned scientists from dental medicine and the dental technology industry, MDT Günter Rübeling and his staff have prepared the scientific basis for the application of what was originally a purely indutrial working process. Dental faculties from notable universities in Germany and abroad assist in conducting clinical tests and with the implementation of the SAE spark erosion procedure into dental practice.

Even today, SAE DENTAL maintains an intense scientific dialogue with dental practitioners from Europe and overseas. Numerous scientific tests and studies support the precision and long-term function of the dental prostheses manufactured using dental spark erosion.

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Stronger in the Network

SAE DENTAL is an active member in various industry sector organisations such as the German Society for Dental and Oral Implantology (DGI) in Hanover and the German Working Society for Dental Technology (ADT) in Tübingen as well as the Russian Dental Society in Moscow.