Delicate aesthetics and
sophisticated function –
The SAE single cast

Telescopic dentures made of just one dental alloy (NPM CoCrMo) can be made by combining SAE spark erosion with the SAE single cast procedure. As there is no tertiary structure with a pure gold cap glued into place, the dental technicians can carry out very delicate work – with a great deal of success so that the telescopic double crowns still have an aesthetically high-quality veneer made of acrylic or ceramic.

The advantages:

  • Telescopic double crowns with controllable friction without soldering and adhesive bonding
  • Can still be activated after many years
  • Very easy for patients to handle when inserting or removing
  • Aesthetic veneer on account of the tremendous amount of space that is saved
  • Veneers made of ceramic or SR Chromasit from Ivoclar (heat/pressure curing veneer material, plaque free)
  • Biocompatible on account of monometallic metal processing

Dental Technician Procedure

Telescopic dentures with double crowns for removable dentures made of the NPM CoCrMo

  • Easy to manufacture using the SAE single cast procedure.
  • Friction bonding of the secondary crowns on the primary crowns is achieved by friction pins.
  • The fit occurs by way of the SAE spark erosion procedure at 0° parallel position.

The insertion of a swivel latch is a great technical challenge for the dental technician. Thanks to dental spark erosion, this is technically possible and unproblematic. With regard to the financial aspect, this makes the swivel latch a less expensive connecting element.

In order for you to obtain optimal results, we recommend that you consistently keep to our own developed, systematic working processes and that you use the tested SAE materials.

Success pays off:

  • effective use
  • optimal final result
  • advantage over competitors