Combined expertise
in dental technology –
The Rübeling Dental Group

Joining forces, achieving synergy - The Rübeling Dental Group manages this in conjunction with our partners in Bremerhaven and Berlin. With two dental laboratories and a company specialising in CAD/CAM technology, the Rübeling Dental Group covers all major areas of modern dental technology - nationally and internationally.

Always up-to-date in dental technology
Highly qualified and motivated staff with many years of experience using modern dental technologies, together with the on-going cooperation of our group with the dental faculties from German and international universities, all help to form the groundwork for the continual, further development of the SAE spark erosion technology and the establishment of new SAE products in the dental industry.

Do you want to experience on-site exactly what dental spark erosion can offer? You're most welcome! Come and visit us and we will give you a in-depth demonstration, without obligation, in Bremerhaven or Berlin. Günter Rübeling looks forward to hearing from you.

Our Competent Partners

Rübeling Dental-Labor Bremerhaven

Founded in 1958. Today, around 100 employees work in the office and the laboratory on a floor space of around 3,200m². As such, Rübeling Dental-Labor GmbH is one of the largest dental laboratories in Germany. It has its own training centre with training courses and events being held regularly with top-class speakers in theory and practice.

SAE DENTAL provides joint training courses with its partner laboratory in Bremerhaven to dental technicians from all over the world in the application of dental spark erosion. In addition, experts from Rübeling Dental-Labor professionally fulfil spark erosion work orders as a service offered by our SAE Spark Erosion Centre (DFC).

Rübeling Dental-Labor is the birthplace of the SAE spark erosion technology. In 1982, this led to the "hiving off" and founding of SAE Dental Vertriebs GmbH.

Rübeling+Klar Dental-Labor Berlin

Founded in 1991 in Berlin-Marzahn. As a result of the partnership with various university hospitals, subsidiaries have now emerged, attached to the dental clinics of the Charité-University Hospital in Berlin-Wilmersdorf and of the Martin Luther University in Halle an der Saale.

The dental laboratory employs 130 staff and places great emphasis on optimizing dental procedures. Many innovative ideas stem from the daily work in the laboratory. This led to the founding of the most recent "dental process" by the Rübeling Dental Group: R+K CAD/CAM Technologie GmbH & Co. KG.

R+K CAD/CAM-Technologie Berlin

Founded in Berlin in 2005. The specialists from R+K CAD/CAM-Technologie, in cooperation with SAE DENTAL, are in great demand when it comes to practical insight and experience in the application of SAE spark erosion for optimizing the fit of CAD/CAM milled meso and suprastructures on implants.

The company has developed the highly accurate dental CAD/CAM milling system "Organical" which covers all the materials used in the crown and bridge technology. Together with milling services, R+K CAD/CAM-Technologie also markets its own internally-developed organical milling machines and CAD programmes.