Long-lasting, biocompatible, low cost -
precison dentures made of NPM

NPM CoCrMo - alloys exceed in dental technology and dentistry on account of the high mechanical and chemical durability. Only the dental spark erosion procedure enables the manufacture of all metallic elements of a dental prosthesis using only one single NPM alloy (CoCrMo). The advantages are manifold. The gold-free noble alloys are used for all types of dental prostheses - for high quality, telescopic prostheses with controllable friction and combined fixed/removable dentures with connecting attachments and latch connections as well as for dentures on implants with passive fit. Improved for spark erosive application: our nickle-free SAE Okta special alloys (CoCrMo): Okta C, Okta MVS, Okta M.

Telescopic dentures made of NPM CoCrMo

  • Delicate and light design
  • Friction bonding holds for a long time
  • CoCrMo-Okta = biocompatible

Optimal dental material - base metal CoCrMo - in connection with SAE spark erosion

  • High durability of the CoCrMo alloy enables the delicate construction of the metal structures

    This gives the dental technician more freedom to produce a structure with a more aesthetic design
  • Stability is improved and thus, the possibilities for the dental technician to reconstruct the prosthesis:

    This leads to increased comfort for the patient
  • Long-term, controllable friction of the telescopic double crowns by way of friction pins that can be activated.