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the SAE machine service

Spark erosion machines that are in constant use need regular checks to see if they are in proper working condition and also for operational safety even if they are classed as "low maintenance". Sometimes it is only the settings that have changed or certain parts and filters that have not been replaced which affect the optimal use and thus the end result of the workpiece.

For all SAE spark erosion machines - EDM 1000 and EDM 2000

SAE DENTAL, therefore, recommends that the machines be serviced regularly - every three to four years - depending on how often and how long they are used in order to avoid downtime or further damage.

At the request of many customers, SAE DENTAL can carry out a service. Instructions regarding the machine can also be provided on-site.

Service offer at a fixed price of 450.00 € excl. VAT (= standard service package, available only in Germany), incl. journy time:
1. Standard machine service (check of the three machine modules functional part, pump and generator)
2. Filter change - including filter
3. Practical instructions regarding the machine on-site if required

We will be happy to advise you. Please feel free to contact us.

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