Thanks to SAE spark erosion
– optimal added value
for the manufacture of
high-quality dentures

For examples of savings on telescopic prostheses
compared with gold, please click on image.

Dental prostheses made of gold alloys are very expensive. As the price of dental gold is always linked to the actual gold price trend, it is incredibly difficult to calculate. In the last few years, the price of gold has risen considerably.

We can offer an alternative: dental prostheses made of the less expensive and also biocompatible NPM alloy - CoCrMo or titanium which can be easily processed using dental spark erosion.

Thanks to our procedure, dental technicians and dentists can offer their patients high-quality dental prostheses with precision fit even when the price of gold is high.

This means that the material costs for dental gold - depending on the design - can amount to 30 % or more of the total price of a dental prosthesis. When using NPM alloys, the material costs are, in comparison, below 5 %.